ROBOLIGHTS Epic Holiday Light Display in Palm Springs (Vlog)

lmsalaunFun, Life

Charlie and I spent five days in Palm Desert during Christmas. Charlie’s parents live down there, and my parents and younger brother decided to come too! So it was an epic family holiday! One day we were watching a show on TLC about awesome holiday light displays, and they covered one right there in Palm Springs! It’s called Robolights, and it’s created by artist Kenny Irwin. So, we HAD to go. And it was INCREDIBLE. A little bizarre, but so cool! Tons of neat sculptures and amazing light set ups. Some of the displays were a little off-the-wall, but if you like art, you’d definitely appreciate it. And it’s suitable for kids too, though some of the sculptures are a little adult themed (but nothing really inappropriate)! I’d highly recommend it.

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