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own your truth, use your voice, and stand out as the most unapologetically aligned, abundant, and authentic version of you. 

AMPLIFIED is a place for women to become fully alive, to radiate, to spread their wings.

It is for the boldly unapologetic woman who lives life on her own terms and makes an impact with her unique gifts.

She is aligned, authentic, and abundant af.

She is the embodiment of Big Queen Energy, and she’s ready to step into her next level.

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My love letter to the AMPLIFIED woman...

AMPLIFIED is a place for the former (or in recovery) over-achiever, perfectionist, workaholic, people-pleaser, and woman who used to doubt her worth and never felt like enough.

It’s a place for women to feel safe as they surrender more and more into their Divine Feminine, a place for women to take a deep breath, trust, and realize that their worth is not tied to what they DO.

This is for women who are ready to have more by doing less, women who are ready to tap into their magnetism and unleash their uniqueness.

The AMPLIFIED woman is bold and unapologetic. She is a trendsetter, a torchbearer, a rule-breaker, a disrupter, a leader, a visionary.

She is here to stand out.

The AMPLIFIED woman has always known she was different, had a special something about her… but she was probably told she was too much – too big, too bold, too loud, her dreams were too big. So, over time, she dimmed that light, she made herself smaller, she started to blend in.

But she is not meant to blend in, she never has been.

The AMPLIFIED mastermind is a place for expansion, sisterhood, inner growth, and outer results.

It’s for the woman who is pursuing her wildest dreams, the woman who knows deep in her bones that she is meant to live a life of her own design (and that that life gets to look however she desires).

The AMPLIFIED woman is bold, courageous, unapologetic, free, overflowing with love, abundant, magnetic, a leader.

She plays a big game, making an impact with her unique gifts, attracting more and more abundance the more she steps into her most authentic self – making a crap-ton of money simply by being herself (and when I say “crap-ton” of money, I’m talking about more money than she even realized it possible, because when she realizes how limitless she truly is, abundance will come at her from all directions).

And yes, she loves money. But not money for the sake of money, not money just for the sake of having “stuff” (but let’s be real, she does enjoy the bougie things from time to time, too!).

She knows that money gives her freedom, choice, and the ability to be even more generous and make an even bigger impact.

She is here to inspire others, to change lives, to leave a legacy.

She is ready for all the things – and she has been for a while – but sometimes she let fear hold her back… fear of her bigness, fear of judgment, fear of not looking perfect, fear of not having all the answers, fear of failure, fear of what others would think.

But her mission is bigger than her fears.

She can feel her own power bubbling up, ready to overflow. She is about to burst – ready to share her magic and medicine with the world in a big, big way because she knows that the world needs what she has.

She is electric, fiery, magnetic, powerful beyond measure. She is the CEO, the lover, the teacher, the compassionate and connected friend, the muse, the creative, the guide, the nurturer, and so much more.

She is a queen, a goddess, pure love in motion. 

She is here to achieve every single one of her dreams, while living in radical alignment, wildly fulfilled, joyful, abundant af.

She is a maniac on a mission (in the best way). She is remembering who she is. She is stepping more and more into her higher self, embodying that Big Queen Energy.

She is done playing small. She’s ready to turn up the heat on her own unique magic and set this sh*t on fire.

She is you.



step into
your next level


Overcome limiting beliefs. Reach new levels of authenticity and self love. Confidently live your truth, own your worth, and use your voice. Manifest your desires, attract more abundance, and become a money magnet. Set (and stick to) aligned boundaries in your life, relationships, and business. Take inspired action toward your goals. Stand out as the most vibrant version of you.

imagine if...

  • You finally stopped getting in your own way (no more letting your ego run the show!)
  • You stepped into the most unapologetically raw, real, and authentic version of you (and gave less f*cks!)
  • You felt unshakeable confidence inside and out on a daily basis
  • You learned how to manifest like a boss and tap into the law of attraction
  • You strengthened your money mindset and attracted abundance with ease
  • You had a beautiful, stress-free relationship with your bank account (don't treat your relationship like a booty cal!)

Welcome to AMPLIFIED Mastermind – the elite mastermind. This program is designed to help you step into your next level self, so that you can bring that future timeline into your present reality – let's collapse time, live your dream life sooner than later. In AMPLIFIED, we dig into so many things that will support you in stepping into your next level self — money mindset, limiting beliefs, confidence, self worth, energy management, vision, embodiment, the divine feminine and divine masculine, sensuality and sexuality, business, strategy, time management, and more. Yes, this program is also here to help you crush your business goals. We go deep and do some big work together in this program – and it’s freaking magical.

what to

  • Intimate, safe, small-group container (you will be placed within a group of 5)
  • Bi-weekly group coaching zoom calls (no more than 5 people per call)
  • Hot-seat (1:1-style) coaching during bi-weekly group zoom calls (20 minutes per person)
  • One 60-minute one-on-one coaching call with me each month
  • Weekly group assignments
  • Weekly personalized assignments
  • Voxer text/voicenote support (I check Voxer at least once daily M-F)
  • Highly-customized experience that combines science, psychology, strategy, and spirituality to help you have the best results possible
  • BONUS! Free access to Club Big Queen Energy (my monthly membership girl gang!), plus free access to other special trainings and programs

let's get
to know
each other

Lauren Salaun [sounds like hair “salon”] is a PR and marketing consultant, media personality, speaker, entrepreneur, transformation and business mentor, and host of the AMPLIFY podcast. Lauren has spent nearly 15 years in the PR, marketing, and advertising space, and decided to start her own PR + marketing business in 2014. She is also a former health coach, personal trainer, fitness model, and bikini competitor.

After years of hustling, running multiple businesses at one time, but not seeing the results she knew she truly deserved, Lauren decided to go all-in and own her mission – and that’s when everything changed. Now, she runs a PR + Influencer marketing agency called influence+IMPACT and is the founder of The PR Accelerator, where she helps entrepreneurs increase their authority and visibility, so they can scale their income and impact with ease.

Lauren also recently launched the AMPLIFY podcast, because blending in is bullsh*t. She believes that her purpose is to support others in owning their truth, using their voice, and living as the most aligned, abundant, and authentic version of themselves.

client stories

"Ladies, this mastermind is πŸ”₯πŸ™Œβ€οΈπŸ‘‘!! It is incredible. I am so grateful for Lauren and all the badass women in the group, and for the program itself. Life-changing, soul-nourishing, abundance-flowing, + heart-centered. Thank you Lauren! πŸ₯°πŸ€—πŸ‘ΈπŸ»πŸ‘½πŸ˜‰"

Christina V. Sacramento, CA

this program is
perfect for you if...

You are an action-taker who is ready to step into your next level

You are resourceful, determined, and willing to put in the work

You are an entrepreneur or you have an entrepreneurial spirit (if you don't have your own business already, maybe you are getting ready to leave your corporate job, or maybe you want to start a side hustle or a passion project)

You have always known you were unique and meant to do big things in the world

You are ready to get uncomfortable so you can finally embody who you are meant to be

You consider yourself a free-thinker, who goes against the grain and paves her own path

You used to be (or still are) an over-achiever, perfectionist, workaholic, or someone who is stuck in your masculine energy or using it too much

You are ready to show up brighter, bolder, to be seen, to shine, to step into your full radiance and vibrance


When does it start?

You can join The AMPLIFY Mastermind at any time. There is a quarterly (3-month) option and a bi-annual (6-month) option.

When are the calls?

The bi-weekly calls are on Tuesdays and/or Wednesdays, usually in the afternoons (Pacific Time). I schedule the call times based on what will work best for the group. The exact schedule will be shared once you join.

How long are the calls?

The bi-weekly calls are usually 90 minutes. I recommend allocating 2 hours to be safe – you don't want to miss out on the magic LIVE!

Will I get any one-on-one coaching?

Yes! You will get ONE (1) 60-minute one-on-one call each month with me. It is your responsibility to book this call each month. If you do not book your 1:1 call one month, it does not roll over to the next month.

Please keep in mind that this is not a one-on-one coaching program, but there is a lot of hands-on, personalized support directly from me to you. In addition to your monthly 1:1 call with me, you will get 1:1 "hot seat" coaching during the bi-weekly group calls. You will also get personalized assignments each week depending on what will support you most.

You will be in a group of 4-5 other women. These women will be in a private Voxer group with you (and me!) and will also be the women on your bi-weekly group Zoom calls.

How much is the program? Do you offer payment plans?

There are a few investment options...

Quarterly (3-month commitment)
- $2,222 per month for 3 months
- $5,555 paid-in-full (paying in full saves you $1,111)

Bi-Annually (6-month commitment)
- $1,888 per month for 6 months
- $9,999 paid-in-full (paying in full saves you $1,329)
(6-month paid-in-full is the BEST savings)

Whichever option you choose will give you full access to ALL of The AMPLIFY Mastermind trainings, calls, and support. Once you've completed your commitment, you will have the option to renew at the same price or choose another option.

Do I have to be an entrepreneur for this?

While this program was designed with entrepreneurs in mind, you do not have to be one. This program is best suited for entrepreneurs and/or those who want to pivot into entrepreneurship and leave their corporate jobs, start a side hustle, or pursue a passion project. You just need to be ready to dig in, do the work, and make some big changes in your life.

If I don't sign up this time, when's the next round?

I run my business very intuitively. Two months ago, this program didn't exist, but I felt so called to step back into this space and serve in this way. That being said, I don't know when the next round will be. I may run it 10 more times, I may never run it again. I trust my intuition to guide me when the time is right. So that means... act as if this is your only chance to be part of this. Because, after all, life is now.

Is there a course or homework I need to do along the way?

There is no course with this program. It is 100% live coaching. There will be group assignments and personalized assignments given during calls and in Voxer. This is a highly customized program, and trainings and assignments will be determined based on what will most effectively support you and the group as a whole.



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