MATCHED: A Masterclass On How To Crush Online + IRL Dating

With Lauren Salaun

In May 2020, I ended my 5 year marriage. We'd been together for 10 years, so it had been quite some time since I'd been "on the market". Oh and, it was the thick of lockdown in Los Angeles, so it wasn't really the ideal time to become single and wanting to meet people. I wanted to start dating, but had no idea what to do or where I'd meet people. So, I reluctantly jumped into online dating. And when I say reluctantly... there was a distinct meltdown before joining any apps where I flung myself onto my bed in tears and threw a little fit over the idea of online dating. Needless to say, I was STOKED 😅 *sarcasm*

And... I gotta say... I fucking CRUSHED dating, and continue to do so. I have had beautiful connections with so many incredible people over the past 2 years, ranging from casual dating and flings, to NSA play partners, to deep cosmic soul connections. I consistently attract people that I am very compatible with without wasting a ton of time and energy sifting through a bunch of lame-asses. My dating experience over the past two years has been fun, deep, intentional, inspiring, energizing, stretchy, euphoric, exciting, and so much more (and yes, sometimes not-so-awesome, but that's rare) – and it's all happened from a place of radical honesty and alignment.

 And I want to show you how to do the same, whether you're looking to meet someone in real life (IRL) or online (or both!), or whether you're looking for something casual or serious.

Whether you're looking for something casual or ready to find your forever person, you're in the right spot. This masterclass is available for women and men (18+) of any sexual orientation and preference.

This masterclass is designed to help you get clear on what you're looking for and how to attract it, connect with awesome people who are a great fit for you (without spending insane amounts of time swiping or going on lame dates), and actually enjoy and have FUN with the dating process. And who knows, maybe you'll find a hot fling, a new friend, or your ride or die partner in crime.

Here are a few things covered in the masterclass:

  • Get clear on what you're looking for and how to attract it
  • Creating an effective and appealing profile that gets swiped by people you actually want to match with
  • How to avoid death by small talk
  • Do's + Don't's of online and IRL early-stage dating
  • Safety, red flags, and how to spot catfishes
  • My proven, reliable, and efficient vetting system to filter out less desirable matches (and creeps) so you don’t waste your time and energy
  •  Great first date and pre-date questions and conversation topics
  • How to tell someone “I’m just not that into you” with kindness, clarity, and compassion (no ghosting, people!)
  • How gracefully handle receiving rejection
  • Hot seat dating profile review + feedback (I'll give you feedback on your profile!)

Click the image below to get the masterclass and uplevel your dating game!

This is a replay of a live masterclass.