The Influencer Network

An exclusive community of like-minded influencers organized by Lauren Salaun and her team at influence+impact.


What is The Influencer Network?

The Influencer Network is a community of influencers organized by Lauren Salaun (that's me!) in the health, fitness, lifestyle, coaching, business, personal development, and entrepreneurial space.

I spent nearly 10 years working in public relations and marketing prior to building my health and fitness business. After leaving the corporate world in 2015, I launched my own social media marketing agency where I helped entrepreneurs build their brands and generate income on social media. Shortly thereafter, I started an online fitness coaching business while also helping fitness professionals monetize their social media and build their businesses. Now, I'm focused on helping entrepreneurs elevate their visibility through PR and influencer marketing.

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Over the past couple years...

I've had the privilege to work with many top industry leaders, like Lori Harder, Danette May, and Angie Lee, to help them team up with influencers – like you! – for grassroots social media marketing and PR campaigns.

I've built a highly-curated list of influencers and industry leaders – aka The Influencer Network – that I reach out to FIRST when I have exciting partnership opportunities they might be interested in participating in. Through these partnerships, the influencers I work with have been gifted books, exclusive event tickets, limited edition products, and for some, hundreds of dollars for simply sharing a few posts on their social media platforms.

Plus, I've been able to connect the influencers in my network to top industry leaders for podcast interviews, guest coaching calls, Instagram and Facebook Live collabs, and more unique opportunities.


Why should you join The Influencer Network?

As part of The Influencer Network, you will be the first to know when I have exciting partnerships and collaboration opportunities that you can be a part of. Oftentimes, this means access to exclusive opportunities that are not offered anywhere else. When you participate in these opportunities, it also gives you access to my top-tier network of entrepreneurs.

When you participate in one of my influencer partnership opportunities, you are guaranteed value in return, whether that is a product, event tickets, or financial compensation (I'm talkin' cash money yo!).

Frequently, I also facilitate guest podcast appearances and podcast swaps between my influencers and entrepreneurs, as well as guest coaching calls (imagine if one of your mega role-models popped into your private community for a guest coaching call! How rad would that be?!), and Instagram and Facebook Live collaborations.

Many of the partnerships that I have facilitated for these campaigns results in meaningful, lasting relationships. After all, social media is about CONNECTION, public relations is about connect. I do this work because I am a natural connector and I love connecting with epic humans and helping incredible people not only connect with each other, but also get their message – their MAGIC – out into the world in a big, big way.

Plus, I'll share exclusive tips and trainings on how to build your business on social media, how to pitch yourself for paying brand deals and media coverage, how to land more partnerships and collaborations, and how to leverage your relationships to build your biz without feeling icky or salesy!

Join The Network


Just to be clear...

By applying to The Influencer Network, you are in no way guaranteed a spot in any influencer partnerships or marketing campaigns, nor are you guaranteed any payment or other forms of compensation. We will share exclusive opportunities with you, which will have specific expectations, deliverables, compensation, as well as a specific application and approval process.

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