Divine Feminine Embodiment Workshop with Lauren Salaun

This free workshop is for you, if you desire to...

  • finally feel safe to relax and let go (in your day-to-day life, your work, your relationship/dating)
  • let your partner take the lead and step into their healthy, grounded King energy (if you're in a relationship)
  • attract an embodied divine masculine partner (someone who is dominant, but not controlling),
  • naturally increase your energy (by learning how to effectively shift between your masculine and feminine energy),
  • and live your life with more ease, flow, magnetism, and natural radiance.

This is for the woman who has spent too much time in go-go-go mode, the woman who is tired of always being in control, the woman who feels like she can't shut off her brain, the woman who wants her worth to be about who she is and not what she does or achieves, the powerhouse overachieverthe woman who craves spaciousness and abundance, the woman who desperately wants to let out a deep exhale (you know the kind I'm talking about, the exhale that comes from your soul, deep in your bones). This is for the woman who is stuck in her masculine energy.

Here's the thing...

Everyone – men and women – have masculine and feminine energy. The key is being able to shift between the two in a way that feels natural and effortless, to be able to lean into one or the other depending on which will support you most effectively.

As women, our essence is to be embodied in our divine feminine – that is our true nature. Yet so many of us have have been conditioned to operate largely from our masculine (whether from society, trauma, or whatever other reason). It's not right or wrong, it doesn't make our divine masculine energy "bad," but when we are dominantly ruled by and living in our masculine energy, it leads to exhaustion – on a soul level – and it makes everything a lot harder than it needs to be.

The divine feminine yearns to be held, supported, seen, heard, and understood. She craves ease and flow, safety, pleasure, sensuality, connection, intimacy, and creativity. She is nurturing, self-expressed, fierce, magnetic, inviting, heart-centered, compassionate, accepting, intuitive, and wise. She is wild and free. She is in tune with her emotions and expresses them, but is not ruled by them. She does not force. She does not operate with the hustle and grind mentality. Instead, she attracts and allows.

You may be here because... You want to attract a partner embodied in their divine masculine.

Or maybe you want to shift the dynamic with your current partner and have them step more into their role as the divine masculine leader in your relationship so you can feel safe to completely let go and surrender (especially in the bedroom!).

Or maybe, as a high-achieving, powerful woman with a lot of responsibility, you're just exhausted from the nonstop, overachieving life you've lived for so long.

Whatever the reason... this free workshop is designed to support you in surrendering into and strengthening your innate divine feminine energy.

I used to be so stuck in my masculine energy. A high-achiever with a really impressive resume and list of accomplishments, I thought that was the ONLY way I could operate (and it produced a lot of the results that I wanted!).

While I had accomplished a lot, had no trouble with dating, and appeared highly confident, I was also an over-achieving, control freak, perfectionist whose worth was completely wrapped up in what I was doing, not in who I was being purely as me. 

I was exhausted.

I attracted (and married, then later divorced) a man who was dominantly in his feminine energy and was unable to be the leader I so deeply desired in our relationship. I was successful (on the outside), but everything always felt so hard. I didn't know how I could reach the next level in my goals and my life because I literally had no more time or energy to give. I also used to think that feminine qualities and being in my feminine was "weak". I was stuck, and it felt hopeless.

When I finally learned how to surrender into my divine feminine, everything shifted. 

Now, I am able to ebb and flow effortlessly between my masculine and feminine energies depending on which will support me best. I attract partners who are beautifully embodied in their divine masculine. I feel safe to surrender, soften, and let go of control. I'm having the best sex of my life. I am wildly magnetic and attract what I desire with ease. I work less and make more money than I ever have. I am no longer seeking to validate my worth through what I do (and the list goes on!).

And I can't wait to help guide you back to yourself, your true essence.

Drop your info below, then check your inbox for an email confirmation and immediate access to the workshop, which is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes long.

(This was originally a live workshop; you will get instant access to the recording.)

What women are saying...

"I’ve know Lauren for 4 years and in that time I’ve watched her transform the relationship she has to her body, her sexuality and also her embodiment of a fierce yet tender feminine leader.

Throughout our interactions Lauren has continually created a safe & welcoming environment for me to explore new areas of my own embodiment and sexuality.

She has given me the tools to deepen my relationship to both my masculine & feminine energy, as well as tools to navigate the dating world and the nuances of a Dominant & Submissive dynamic with men.

She is someone who embodies her work and is opening the conversations and doorways for other women to do the same." – Melissa Martin

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