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Tap into your intuition. Trust your gut. Discover your sixth sense. Just KNOW.

Before I learned to truly hear, listen to, and trust my intuition, I was a control freak, workaholic, over-achiever, people-pleaser who struggled with major self-worth issues and imposter syndrome.

I would overthink everything, scared to be my full authentic self, terrified to show up in my fullness.

I struggled with chronic anxiety, depression, and constantly lacked clarity around my purpose and what I *should* be doing.

Being disconnected from my intuition also resulted in me being in a 10 year relationship (5 of those years married), even though I knew something was "missing", which ultimately ended in divorce. Being disconnected from my intuition resulted in me acting out of alignment and out integrity in many ways, including infidelity and dishonesty.

Being disconnected from my intuition led me to second-guess almost everything I did in my business, resulting in tons of time and money wasted searching for the answers outside myself.

When I finally started to listen to listen to, trust, and act from my intuition, everything got easier. EVERYTHING.

  • I ended my marriage that was no longer working.
  • I made much more aligned business decisions, saving myself so much time, money, and stress.
  • I felt clarity and peace of mind like never before.
  • I discovered a whole new level of my own truth.
  • I began making decisions from a place of steadfast certainty.
  • I became even more magnetic.
  • I started to attract more money than I ever had before.
  • My psychic gifts expanded.
  • I eliminated my anxiety and depression.
  • I no longer worried about people-pleasing, comparison, needing to prove myself so much.
  • I stopped getting stuck in analysis paralysis and decision fatigue.
  • I eliminated so much "busy work" and procrastination.

...and so much more.

Now, I can FEEL my decisions in my body. I can FEEL the direction my soul wants me to take. And when I listen to it, I'm never let down. It's a deep soul knowing, a divine guidance – I just know – it's my INSTINCT.

And I want to help you have the same kind of transformation, the same kind of inner knowing.

INSTINCT is for you if you desire to:

  • Strengthen your connection with your body
  • Trust yourself (like REALLY trust yourself like ain't no shit)
  • Elevate your confidence
  • Make decisions with more ease, clarity, and speed
  • stop over-thinking and be led by your heart
  • Strengthen your psychic gifts
  • Become more magnetic and tap into the law of attraction
  • Activate more of your innate magic
  • Care less what others think
  • Invite more ease and flow into her life and business/career
  • Deepen your spirituality
  • Create more room for miracles

In this program, you get:

  • 6 video trainings with Lauren (each training is approximately 60-minutes or longer)
  • Action items with each training to support you in putting the lessons into play instantly
  • Lifetime access to all trainings, including any new additions
  • This is the evergreen version of the program, which means there are NO live calls, no group support.
  • You have access to all training replays and can go completely at your own pace.


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