Step Into Your Next Level of Sexual Liberation, Financial Abundance, and Next-Level Magnetism


What would your life look like with more pleasure, more freedom in your body, more peace of mind, more money, and the ability to manifest all of your deepest desires?

QUEENDOM is an expansivetransformation and embodiment journey that will support you in remembering who you are and who you came here to be, claiming your deepest desires, becoming the unapologetic muse of your life, owning your own unique magic (your x-factor), attracting multi-faceted abundance, and living an extraordinary, turned-on life.

QUEENDOM will give you the tools, wisdom, codes, and activations to become the woman other’s can’t help but notice – not because of what you have or what you do, but because of who you be.

It is a 12-month program that is part group coaching and mentorship, part Divine Feminine embodiment, and part somatic healing.

It’s giving...“I don’t know who she is, what’s she’s up to, or what she’s doing, but I want to be around her, I want to talk to her… I’ll have what she’s having.”

Who Is QUEENDOM for?

The woman who embodies her Queen energy, and who is actively creating her QUEENDOM, is committed to the lifelong journey of self-mastery.

She is not afraid of her shadow or her potential. She is not afraid of standing out and being seen. She is not afraid of going first. She is not afraid of the bigness of her own power.

She honors her sexual energy because she knows that within her is a portal of infinite creativity, a portal that has the power to bridge the gap between the cosmic realm and planet Earth.

The woman who is in her QUEENDOM era prioritizes her pleasure because she knows that when she feels good, she taps into a new level of presence and magnetism.

She honors her capacity to attract money, create wealth, and build a legacy. She knows that money is a vehicle that allows her to live the life of her dreams, a vehicle that allows her to have freedom and choice, a vehicle that allows her to generously bless others. She honors her innate magnetism and knows that she has the power to attract whatever she desires into her life.

She prioritizes her alignment, her healing, and her self-expression. She is here to shine her light even more brightly so that others may catch the spark from her radiance and illuminate their own lives.

She knows that there will be things to unlearn and patterns to re-program. She knows that there will be things to heal, wounds to pour love into. She knows that the journey may not always be comfortable, but it will always be worth it. Because what’s on the other side is freedom, pleasure, expansiveness, fun, abundance, joy, and power.

Imagine how it will feel when you...

  • Log into your bank account (with zero stress or anxiety) and see more money than you were previously used to, and you feel a grounded, calm sense of gratitude and certainty that even more is on its way
  • Start having the best sex of your life, feel so comfortable and confident in the bedroom, are crossing things off your naughty bucket list, and have tons more orgasms 
  • Think about something you want to do, and later in the day the perfectly aligned opportunity presents itself to you.
  • Go to your high-vibe grocery store and add everything to your cart that you desire, not worrying about the cost, but rather focusing on what is going to nourish you most
  • Buy that first class flight instead of economy, deciding to carry on or check as many bags as you want, and have a personal driver pick you up with your favorite morning coffee or tea and drop you off perfectly on time at the airport
  • Have your housekeeper come and do all your laundry, dishes, and make your home feel so beautifully clean, tidy, and loved for you to enjoy

QUEENDOM is here to help you step into your next-level self and your next-level life because you are worthy of having it all. 

Whatever you desire, whatever you can envision, you are worthy of it, and you can have it. QUEENDOM will help you bring it all to life.

Abundance is your birthright. Money gives you choices, it gives you freedom, it gives you the ability to get to know your true potential, the version of you that isn’t limited by cost. You are worthy of living a life that isn’t restricted by your bank account. The only permission you should be seeking is your own.

You are a sensual, sexual creature, a muse, a creatrix. You have been created with potent sexual energy that you get to explore, delight in, and transmute. You owe it to yourself to learn how to amplify this power.

You are meant to experience pleasure and pursue your desires.  Your pleasure is not wrong or shameful. (Why do you think women were designed with more than 2x the nerve endings in their clitoris than the male penis and the ability to have multiple orgasms?!)

Magnetism is something that is available to all of us. You are always manifesting. In this moment, your thoughts, feelings, and actions are literally creating your future (yes right now, right this second). This is anchored in science and Spirit, and once you learn how to tap into this power and allow it to flow, you are unstoppable. Owning your magnetism allows you to truly become the architect of your life.


Let's talk about a few things that might be coming up for you...

Who am I to do this? I feel silly thinking of myself as a “Queen” or “Goddess”, is this for me? 

The terms “Queen” and “Goddess” are really trendy and often thrown around a lot these days in catchy marketing copy. If you’re here, then the seed is planted in your heart and this is 100% for you, if you choose for it to be. And, our lives are but a flash. I don’t know about you, but I want to make the most of my brief time here on this planet, and I am committed to creating Heaven on Earth for myself in my lifetime. I’m committed to creating my QUEENDOM here in this life. I spent too many lifetimes not fully owning my power; that changes in this lifetime. 

What if I can’t keep up with the weekly activities or the monthly calls or I can't make the live calls? Maybe I should wait to join until I have more time?

The beauty of QUEENDOM is you get to take the pressure off and release attachment to how it all looks and how it all will go (which is part of embodying your Divine Feminine energy). I invite you to trust that it will all happen for you in the way it’s meant to, that you will take in the information in the most divine timing, whether live or via replay, that the breakthroughs will come in perfect timing. Also, how many times have you put things off because you were “too busy”? How long has life felt “too busy”? How long do you want “too busy” to be your reality? Rarely are things “perfectly timed” according to our timeline (at least when we try to control). This is also why replays will always be available, why everything will be put into an easy-to-listen-to private podcast feed, and why we have the private chat.

I’m scared. What if people judge me? What if this is hard? What if I don't recognize who I am on the other side of this?

I believe that the only person's opinion that should really matter at the end of the day, is your own (and God's). If you are here reading this, if QUEENDOM grabbed your attention, there is something inside you that is yearning to be witnessed. You know you are meant to be the most fully-expressed, aligned, and activated version of you. Don't let other people's judgements get in the way of that. And evolution is not always easy. Shedding the skin of who you once were to become the next version of who you're meant to be is not always comfortable, but I promise you can handle it, and you will fall more in love with yourself with each metamorphosis. 

What if I don’t stay committed? I’ve invested in so many things before and not finished them, what if I do that with this too?

The woman who is in her QUEENDOM era is committed to bringing her vision to life. She is committed to practicing discipline. She knows that her healthy Divine Masculine is here to support her with fixing her eyes on her vision. One of the beautiful things about QUEENDOM is you can drop in as it's going to support you. Following a strict schedule is not necessary to get so much value out of this experience and container.

Here's what's included in QUEENDOM...

  • Monthly Live Zoom Training with Lauren or Special Guest Expert (1x month)
  • Monthly Live Q&A Zoom Call with Lauren (1x month)
  • Weekly audio activation and journal prompt
  • Private group chat for ongoing support and connection
  • Access to exclusive QUEENDOM merch
  • Discount on the QUEENDOM retreat
  • Every training, activation, and masterclass will be turned into an audio podcast episode for ease of listening (and re-listening) wherever life takes you
  • Instant access to any and all past QUEENDOM trainings, masterclasses, activations, and more 

Doors Currently Open! New members can join until Friday, July 12th.

QUEENDOM is a 12-month program. 

Doors open a couple times per year.

Your 12-months starts when you enroll.

Here are some of the types of workshops, trainings, and activations you can expect once you’re inside:

  • Conscious Kink 
  • Inner Child Healing
  • Energetics of Wealth
  • Embodying Your Sacred Slut
  • Self-Pleasure Manifestation Practice
  • Setting and Maintaining Aligned Boundaries
  • Attracting Embodied Masculine Men
  • Strengthening Your Intuition and Connecting With Your Guides
  • And more...

One Payment


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Three Payments

$1,963 x 3

Three Monthly Payments

$333 off the above price until July 8 using code QUEENEB!


Six Payments

$1,037 x 6

Six Monthly Payments

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12 Payments

$545 x 12

Twelve Monthly Payments

$333 off the above price until July 8 using code QUEENEB!


QUEENDOM follows the BE, DO, HAVE formula.

Yes, it will help you HAVE what you deeply desire and DO more of what you love, but it’ll all be possible because of the woman you BECOME and the woman you will BE as a result.

When you’re in your QUEENDOM era, you embody your inner Goddess, you own your light and dark feminine energies. And you’re also grounded, steady, and secure. There’s a stability, a depth, that is anchored in vision and legacy.

In your QUEENDOM era, you’ve mastered the harmonization of Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, you’ve decided to own your essence, your “you-ness,” and your bigness in a way you never have before. You’ve truly come home to yourself, and in the process, you’ve met versions of yourself you never knew existed.

How delicious is it going to feel when you...

...get to invest in yourself completely from a place of “how will this add value to my life” rather than “how much does this cost?”

...know how to effortlessly shift into your masculine or feminine energy depending on what will support you most

...feel completely supported by the masculine energy in your life (your own Divine Masculine energy and that of others)

...start to magnetize things moments after thinking about them because you know how to flirt with the Universe and it loves flirting back

...are truly liberated in your sexuality and sensuality, prioritize your pleasure, and no longer feel wrong for your desires and fantasies yourself with such grounded certainty because you are deeply connected to your intuition, your true essence, and your values

...are consistently attracting healthy, embodied masculine energy into your world, whether in the form of male friends, lovers, business partners, a boyfriend, or a life partner or husband longer struggle with people-pleasing and you own both your “no’s” and your “yes’s” with unapologetic confidence longer worry or even think about what others think about you and you’re so committed to living as your most authentic self

...are clear on your boundaries and standards and unapologetic in maintaining them

...speak your mind with confidence and no longer over-analyze or feel the need sugar-coat or practice what you’re going to say before you say it

...feel safe in your softness, vulnerability, and sensitivity

Time To Step Into Your QUEENDOM Era

Get ready for your new chapter of sexual liberation, financial abundance, and next-level magnetism.


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