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I'm a PR and influencer marketing expert, and I help entrepreneurs like you elevate your visibility and stand out as an authority in your industry so you can make an even bigger impact and generate even more income.

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Podcast / Media Tour

We'll get you booked on more podcasts in your industry, whether you're looking to create buzz in preparation for an upcoming launch or for steady, ongoing visibility.

Influencer Marketing

Want hundreds of micro- and mid-tier influencers sharing about your product, service, event, book, or brand? Tap into our influencer network as your guerrilla marketing team.

The PR Accelerator

The most effective way to accelerate your visibility as an up-and-coming entrepreneur or ambitious influencer. Learn how to do your own PR or train your team on how to do it for you.

About the agency, influence+impact

Lauren founded influence+impact, a PR and influencer marketing agency for entrepreneurs, in 2019. 

At influence+impact, we are experts at connection. We help people like you – entrepreneurs, influencers, and brands in the health, wellness, lifestyle, and personal development space – generate massive buzz and increase brand visibility so you can use your influence to make even more of an impact.

About Lauren (the "formal" bio)

Lauren Salaun is a PR and marketing consultant, healthy lifestyle expert, media personality, and entrepreneur.

A lifelong athlete (and a bit of a recovering perfectionist workaholic), Lauren spent the first decade of her career in public relations and marketing before launching her health and fitness coaching business in 2015.

Over the last several years, while helping people live their healthiest lives and dipping her toes into the world of fitness competitions, Lauren has also coached many fitness professionals on how to build their influence online and monetize their social media.

Lauren decided to really get back to her PR and Marketing roots and launch influence+impact, an influencer marketing and social media PR agency, where she helps entrepreneurs elevate their visibility online and establish authority in their industry so they can increase their income and and make more of an impact.

Here's What Others Have Said About Working With Us

This could be you! Are you ready for results like these?!

Lori Harder

Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Host of the Top-Rated Podcast "Earn Your Happy," 10x Fitness Cover Model, Fitness World Champion


"My name is Lori Harder, and I am the author of the best-selling book "The Tribe Called Bliss," and the founder of The Bliss Project Event. And I have used Lauren's services for both of those things. When I was launching my book, I used her influencer marketing campaign to get the word out in a massive way, and it was not only helpful for getting the book out, but it was so helpful for me to keep my excitement up to see the buzz every single day of people really excited about the book, and sharing authentically about what the book was doing. So Lauren does an amazing job of matching up influencers with exactly what you're doing. So people who it feels really authentic for them to share your message, and I just get really excited every single time I would see an influencer come on and talk from a place of really having been impacted by the book, or getting really excited for the event to come up. And that was really huge for me to use it for my Bliss Project event recently, because I waited a little bit too long to get the word out there, and I needed some help. So this is my 8th year doing the Bliss Project, and this is the first year that I decided to use influencer marketing. And I called Lauren 'cause she did such a great job with my book, that I thought this would be absolutely amazing to help get the word out quicker about my event. So again, it was huge for not only getting the word out and for helping to bring tickets in, but also to keep my morale up to see how excited people were about this message. So I would highly recommend it if you have something coming up, that you know you need to get out in the world. Because really, the only way that things are really getting out there right now is word of mouth – authentic word of mouth. And like I said, she does such an amazing job by finding people who authentically are aligned with your message. So I will definitely use her again."

Angie Lee

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Host of Top-Rated Podcast "The Angie Lee Show," Co-Founder of Soul CBD

"Choosing to work with Lauren and implement influencer marketing was one of THE smartest thing I did to make my event "Pays To Be Brave" a massive success! I can’t imagine not having Lauren’s genius and expertise helping me to have 1,500 women in that room! It’s a weekend I will never forget. My first PTBB we didn’t do any influencer marketing and it definitely was much more stressful to fill the room. The power of influencer marketing is UNMATCHED when it comes to selling out live events. Seeing how successful influencer marketing was for my live event, I am now incorporating the same marketing plan for my book! Lauren is incredibly driven, organized, loyal and one of the most hardworking women I know! She was truly was such a critical part of making PTBB 2019 a huge success!"

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