I’m here to help you create a ridiculously awesome life, from the inside out.

My Story

I started Isagenix a little over a year ago, but my story really starts about 2 years ago. Two years ago, I was working a very demanding, high stress PR job. I was working for a great company that was growing fast and doing great work, but even when I started working there, I knew it wasn’t my passion. So many other things fell into place though — the culture, the people, the work was challenging and interesting, and I was making really good money and had great benefits…so it was awesome…for the first two years. I was there for four years, and my last year there was awful. I was miserable. I was working at least 60 hours a week doing very high stress work, office dynamics and relationships had shifted and there was a lot of political stuff and cattyness going on that made it an even more stressful environment. I was having anxiety attacks on a regular basis, would probably cry in the bathroom at least once a week, never left the office for lunch or really took a lunch break, would sometimes go 2 weeks without getting to the gym — and as a life-long athlete, that was awful…I’m the kid of gal that likes to earn her showers…I was miserable.
I remember at one point, we did this team building activity where we answered random questions to get to know each other, and one was “what would you be doing if you weren’t working here?” I wrote down “I’d be an entertainment host like Maria Menounos,” which was something I’d always thought would be fun to do and that I’d own my own business. That silly exercise stuck with me for a while, and I kept thinking…I do not enjoy my life right now. I work more than anyone I know. I can hardly spare an hour to get to the gym. I am so stressed that most days I don’t even eat lunch, let alone leave the office to take a lunch break. I am incredibly unfulfilled in my work. and I am just plain not healthy — physically, mentally, emotionally…so what the hell am I doing? and why am I still doing it and not changing my situation? (Spoiler Alert: I’ve been working as an entertainment host for Maria Menounos’ company — yes, Maria is my boss — for over a year now…and obviously own my own business…so how bout them apples huh?)
So, it wasn’t too long after that I decided to leave that company to start my own social media consulting business. Fast forward a year into being my own boss, and I was loving it. Yes, it was a TON of work, and it was completely terrifying at times, and I was making less than I was before, and there was all the uncertainty that comes with starting your own business and doing your own thing…but it was work that I loved doing. And most importantly, being my own boss allowed me to have flexibility in my schedule that I did not have at my last job. It let me choose the when, the where, the why, the who, and the what of my day-to-day life and how I earn an income. BUT…a year into my own business and I realized I’d fallen back into a lot of my workaholic ways. Mentally and emotionally I was so much healthier, but I hadn’t gotten back on top of my exercise and nutrition the way that I know I’m should have been. I’ve always been healthy and active, but with the new business, I was doing a lot more networking lunches, wine meetings — all awesome things — but it was showing up, and I was sitting a little heavier than I like to be and things were fitting a bit tighter than normal. And, I had my wedding coming up in a couple months, and I wanted to be super freaking smoking hot for it, not get married while feeling like I’m carrying around a little more body than I’d like to, ya know what I”m  saying. So, again, I needed a change.
And here’s finally where Isagenix comes into the picture. My brother Zack, who many of you know, and if you don’t, you’ll get to know him if you join, had been using isagenix and helping people on the system for about a year, and NEVER talked to me about it. I knew what he was doing, but I wasn’t one for “diets” or silly things like that. I knew the formula, you workout and you eat better. Burn more calories than you consume. DONE. So, I spent a solid month busting my ass at the gym 5 days a week and eating really well. And at the end of that month, did NOT see the progress I was hoping to see.
So, I told Zack, ok…I don’t care, let’s give it a go. I was skeptical, but I knew that it wouldn’t hurt me, and maybe it’d be just the jumpstart I needed to get things back on track with my fitness.
By the end of my first week, I was feeling more energy, sleeping better (and I’m a good sleeper naturally), and by the 2nd week, I was already seeing noticeable changes in my body. I’ll cut to the chase. So, when I started, I was 5 pounds heavier than my “normal.” So that was the goal. But really…10 pounds was the actual goal, like the goal you don’t really say out loud, just in case you don’t hit it. 10 pounds would have put me back to my high school weight. By the end of my 2nd month…I’d lost 16 pounds — 16 — and 16 inches. I was pretty freaking blown away by this. First of all, I didn’t think I had that much extra body on me, but also because it happened so much more easily than I thought. Yes, I stuck to the program and I was working out, but I was still able to enjoy the foods I wanted to enjoy, I didn’t have to cut out whole food groups, I had SO much energy, felt amazing, my moods were awesome, I was getting such great sleep that I became a morning person…I could go on.
That’s the physical stuff. And I’ll say that I still have a shake every morning for breakfast, use the AMPED workout products for all my workouts, cleanse at least once a month…and continue to see physical progress all the time, while very much being able to enjoy and live my life.
My story would be far from complete if I didn’t talk about what I’ve gotten out of the business experience so far as well. Right out of the gate, I shared what I was doing with my friends and by doing so, got my products paid for within my first month…I didn’t know if I wanted to do the business, or how much time I wanted to spend on it — remember, I had (and still have) a business that I love — but shoot…If the company is giving you the opportunity to use these amazing products and eat this food for FREE or to MAKE MONEY doing it, why the heck would I NOT do that? Hello.
Fast forward to a year later, to today, and I have a solid team of kick-ass powerhouse women (and a few men) who are passionate about achieving their best health and helping others do the same. I am incredibly energized by connecting with other entrepreneurial people, regardless of what they’re doing or what they’re passionate about. People who are actively chasing and living their dreams and creating their ideal life…that shit lights me up. I am obsessed with connecting with people like that. And…when you’re in your best health, when you feel your best, inside and out, you can do whatever it is that you LOVE to do that much better. And I LOVE helping people bring their lives to the next level like that. I am a firm believer that no matter what you’re passionate about, you can not only turn that into your business or something that makes you money, but you can turn it into your every day and something that doesn’t just pay the bills but makes you wealthy and build a legacy. For me, Isagenix is the vehicle that allows me to fill my life with the things I am passionate about, to not have to say no to things unless I want to say no to them.
And this business, my Isagenix business, that I didn’t really care too much about getting into — i was like “yeah ok sure why not, I won’t say no to another revenue stream” — is the business that I am prioritizing over everything else because it gives me what I was really chasing after when I left my PR job 2 years ago…Freedom. The freedom to choose how I spend my time and energy, where I spent my time and energy, who I spent it with, and WHY I do what I do. I love my other business, and while it gives me a lot of freedom, flexibility, and control, if I’m not working, I’m not making money. With my Isagenix business when I’m not actively working, I’m still generating income. And that’s just the money side of it…with my Isagenix business, I’m constantly surrounded by driven and motivated people who are actively working to create a life of their own design; I’m learning ALL THE TIME — and stuff that is not just relevant to my Isagenix business, but to my other businesses, my personal life, you name it; I’m part of an international community that is just greaking awsome…and get this, going to the gym and taking care of my body is a work activity…like you guys, I wear workout clothes ALL THE TIME and it’s THE BEST.
And I know I’m talking a lot about money here, and it’s not about the money, it’s about what that money can give you, which is TIME and FREEDOM and CHOICE. The choice to spend YOUR time however you want. So…before I wrap up here…think about how you would spend your time if you could do whatever you want, if you could fill your days with the things that you really really love to do, the things that set your soul on fire. Here’s the thing, when you feel your best inside and out, what you do with that time and that freedom — those things you just imagined — they just get that much better.

Always had that entrepreneurial spirit.

I started one of my first businesses when I was about 9 years old. I gathered a bunch of decorative rocks from around my family’s yard and slammed them into the driveway to crack them open and expose what were sure to be very valuable crystals (it was standard-issue landscaping quartz, aka normal rocks). I then took all these “crystals” down to the end of our driveway, set them up on a little table, and proceeded to shout “Rocks! Rocks for sale!” at the top of my lungs.

Let me paint this picture a little more clearly…My family and I lived on a couple acres in the country. Not the middle-of-nowhere country, but country enough, meaning I didn’t have a standard suburban neighborhood with normal traffic passing through. People were flying down that road at 40mph, which is why I had to yell so loudly, obviously. I think I may have sold 1 or 2 rocks that day, surely out of pure pity. My next business, neighborhood babysitting at the age of 12, proved much more successful. I designed and printed flyers, and then walked them to all my neighbors’ mailboxes – and I actually got recurring clients!

It’s been several years since my rock selling and babysitting days, and that entrepreneurial spirit continues. I’ve created this business so I could build a career that I absolutely and wholeheartedly love – one that doesn’t feel like work, one that is filled with the activities that I really enjoy and the types of businesses that I’m really interested in helping.

My Vision

I believe that EVERYONE, no matter your background or experience, can and should live the life of their dreams, with the best health possible. Life is too short to spend it doing things you don’t love and spending most of your time away from those you do love. We have ability to make our wildest dreams into our reality, we just have to take the leap.

It is my vision and mission to help women step into their greatness and live their most kickass lives in two key ways.

First, by helping them get radically healthy – because when you feel your best inside and out, you show up in your life as the best version of yourself. When you’re in your best health, you’re a better friend, girlfriend, sister, mother, aunt, wife, business partner, employee, employer, business owner, etc.

Second, by helping them alleviate financial strain by building residual income. Life is too short to spend the majority of it working, especially in a job you aren’t passionate about. The traditional model of trading time for money (aka getting paid hourly), just doesn’t cut it. No matter how much you get paid, you will always have to trade your time for that financial gain. I help women step away from trading time for money to be paid for their value and the value they bring to others. And it is my mission to help 10 women create a residual 6-figure income.

My Why

Professional Bio

Lauren has been with Isagenix for 2 years. Prior to joining Isagenix, she worked in Public Relations, Social Media, and Advertising. She left her PR agency job to work for herself and after being in a very demanding and high stress job and starting her own business, she was really looking for something to help her re-prioritize her health and drop a few pounds. In her first two months, she was able to drop 16 pounds and 16 inches and she quickly began to pursue the business opportunity as well. Through Isagenix, she’s been able to turn her passion for health and fitness into a career, build an amazing community of entrepreneurial women, and really impact hundreds of people in a way she wouldn’t have been able to before. She continued to consult with private clients on a 1 on 1 basis to help them refine their brand and message on social media and ultimately bring in more money through their online channels, specifically Instagram and Facebook.