A multi-passionate entrepreneur, I have always had a hunger to experience life, and resistance to feeling caged-in or force to choose just one thing or way to be.

In my journey, I've worn many hats (and continue to still wear a few of them!) – social media agency owner, PR agency owner, fitness model and competitor, personal trainer, online health coach, network marketer, entertainment industry host, red carpet host, women's mentor, transformational leadership facilitator, podcast host, and more.

Ultimately, it's my purpose to support you in living your most unapologetically aligned, authentic, and expressed life.



I grew up in Northern California. Growing up, I was always very active – playing sports, doing music, doing art, being involved with animals – lots of activities all the time. I also excelled in almost everything I did.

I was captain of my soccer teams, high school Homecoming Queen, in honors and advanced placement classes, had a robust social life, and the list continues...

But behind so much of this, were themes of unworthiness, overachieving, and perfectionism (to name a few), driving my desire to feel validated, seen, and ultimately loved.


That trend of doing all the things, being a perfectionist, over-achieving continued to follow me.

I double-majored in Communication Studies and Graphic Design, rather than graduating a year early (because why not!?). I was initially recruited to play soccer at the college that I decided to go to, but instead chose to focus on music and my studies, pouring myself into several singing ensembles, solo performing, and both of my majors.

As you can see, there was this theme pretty much most of my life of being an overachiever, perfectionist, and doing-doing-doing.

After college, I started working at a public relations agency, where I worked on a crisis communications team for clients experiencing major crises and emergency situations for their businesses. I was at this agency for four years, and while I learned a lot and felt I was doing important work, at the end of the day, it was not what I wanted to do long-term.

Additionally, that job was incredibly stressful, and very demanding. During my time there, the agency also grew very fast. So, not only was the content of our work very intense, but we also had way more work than we could manage. And after being there for several years, being promoted many times, and making good money, I remember this moment where I looked around, and there was no one whose job or life I wanted. To me, that was a huge wake up call. I had also been pretty miserable there for the better part of a year. In my last year there, I was probably having an anxiety attack a week related to work.

Oftentimes, I would leave my desk and go into the bathroom to cry or have a panic attack, and then freshen up and go right back to my desk and keep working. I was working about 60-80 hours a week, I was incredibly burnt out, and it was not the kind of work that I wanted to do long-term. I felt like my soul was dying. So I came to the decision to leave. At the time, that was really scary because I did not know what I wanted to do next, what my passions were. I had been such a workaholic that I’d had no room for my own interests.

So, I spent a couple months saving up, and I’d also had several people asking me for help with marketing projects, social media, graphic design projects, etc., so I decided to take on a few consulting and freelance clients, and then left. The main reasons why I left were so that I could do work that I felt more passionate about and more aligned with, and so that I could do work that I had more control over. I really felt so powerless in that job. I felt like I had no control over when I worked, where I worked, how I worked, what I worked on – anything like that. I desperately wanted to have more freedom, flexibility, and control over what my work-life looked like. And that's really how my PR agency, which is one of my businesses, came to be, because at that time, when I didn’t exactly know what the next thing was going to be, I knew I could do that. That business has evolved so much over the last several years; I have a full team and act as CEO. Today, my agency is devoted to helping heart-centered entrepreneurs get their message and their story out into the world in a bigger way.

In 2020, things changed in my life in a major way. In the span of two months, Covid had shutdown the world, my PR agency blew up in a way that I had been hoping for and working for for years, and… my then husband and I decided to end our marriage.

My ex-husband and I had bought a house a few months before, my business was growing in a way that felt really exciting, and things were just going the way they were “supposed to”. But we’d also been working on some problems in our marriage for a few years, problems that really stemmed from our lack of polarity and from the lack of balance with our masculine and feminine energies within our relationship and ourselves. So when Covid happened, and all these other things were going well, we were forced to look at everything in our lives more closely, and we also didn't have all the other distractions going on in life. It made it clear that our relationship was not working, and hadn’t been for a while.

A few years before that big decision, I dove into a lot of work around my self worth and harmonizing my own masculine and feminine energies – because, as you can imagine from hearing my story so far, I lived most of my life stuck in my wounded masculine energy, stuck in that energy of needing to prove myself through my achievements, needing to find my validation and my worth through what I was doing. So it was only natural that I attracted a partner who was very much in his feminine energy. And when I started doing a lot of that work on myself, it became clear that there was a lack of that really grounded masculine energy in our relationship. Ultimately, we decided to end our marriage.

Ending my marriage was not only one of the most challenging things I’ve done, but also one of the biggest things that I've done to bring myself into alignment, and it really catapulted my own growth and healing. From there, I continued my trajectory of healing and embodiment – healing trauma, reprogramming myself, looking at my patterns, and also went on a deep journey of Divine Feminine embodiment.




I began to support other women in doing that as well. So today, the business, and really the purpose and mission that I'm so lit up by and so excited about is my women's coaching and mentorship business where I get to support women in connecting to their Divine Feminine essence, in really owning their desires, getting in tune with their intuition, trusting themselves, establishing boundaries, healing and amplifying their sexual energy, and building a life that feels so delicious.

So today, my mission is to support women with somatic healing, emotional Intelligence, Divine Feminine embodiment, harmonizing their Masculine and Feminine Energies, and really activating, healing, and amplifying their sexual energy.



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