I’m here to help you create a ridiculously awesome life, from the inside out, and help you bring your vision to life in a big, big way.

Lauren Salaun [“Salaun” pronounced like “hair salon”] is a healthy lifestyle expert, fitness model, athlete, media personality, and entrepreneur with a vision to inspire women to transform their health so they can live their most epic and fulfilling lives.

Lauren is the founder of The Lifestyle Project, an online community and movement that helps entrepreneurial, go-getter women get into their best health, build their dream bodies, and ultimately design their lives around what excites them most. With The Lifestyle Project, Lauren helps busy, successful women optimize their health through nutrition, quick effective workouts, goal-setting, accountability, and mindset development.

A multi-passionate entrepreneur, she is committed to helping other women efficiently and effectively crush their health goals, strengthen their confidence and self-love, and feel better than they’ve ever felt. Because when you feel your best, from the inside out, you show up in your life as the best version of  you – it’s that simple.

The creator of various workout and nutrition programs, Lauren believes that no matter what your purpose is, and no matter what you do, health and wellness must be a key priority in your life so you can truly fulfill your mission in the world to the best of your abilities.

Lauren is also the co-founder of ELEVATE Your Life, a community of more than 15,000 people who are passionate about taking their health, wealth, and impact to the next level. With ELEVATE Your Life, Lauren supports health and fitness entrepreneurs and influencers in developing passive income solutions so they can create more freedom and flexibility in their lives. 

Prior to focusing her career on health and fitness, Lauren spent more than a decade in public relations, branding, and strategic social media consulting, giving her an adept skillset to support and mentor other wellness entrepreneurs in bringing their vision to life and monetizing their passion for health and fitness.

Lauren has worked with many celebrities and influencers, like musician ZZ Ward, actor and singer Steve Kazee, actor Steve Howey, fitness expert, speaker, and author Lori Harder, and entrepreneur and podcast host Angie Lee. She has been featured in PopSugar, E!, AfterBuzz TV, SkeeTV, and more.