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Let me guess...

  • You know you need PR into your marketing strategy, but you're not sure where to start...
  • You lack clarity on how to do PR and or don't want to waste your precious energy...
  • You're strapped for time...
  • You lack the confidence or skills to do your own PR...
  • And you aren't quite ready to invest in an agency or publicist to do it for you...

Any of that sound like you?

Keep reading... this message is for you.

Here's What Past Students Have Said


I've spent nearly a decade in marketing and PR – working on national campaigns with million-dollar contracts.


Most entrepreneurs don't have the same budget as big brands – but you don't need to... 

One of the biggest frustrations I hear from entrepreneurs is that there aren't resources available that work with their budget.

You either have to spend tons of time researching free resources online, then do it all yourself (and make a lot of mistakes and waste a lot of time in the process), or you have to hire an expensive PR agency or publicist to do it for you.

There is a giant gap between going the free DIY route and having a big budget to hire someone do it for you.

What would help you most is learning the strategieshaving the systems and support, getting the right connections, and having a proven plan to follow that doesn't break your budget. 

That's why I created The PR Accelerator – this is the only program like this.

The PR Accelerator was created to help heart-centered leaders leverage public relations to stand out online, establish more authority and generate ongoing buzz for your brand and biz.

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Here's what's possible for you when you join

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The "strategy" most entrepreneurs take when it comes to PR is wait and see what comes in 👀


Most entrepreneurs know that having a strategic approach to public relations can massively impact the trajectory of your business, but most don't take action because they...

  • Have no idea where to start or how to pitch themselves (podcasts? influencers? blogs? online publications?)
  • Feel like they're "not enough of an expert"
  • Don't have the budget to hire someone to help them yet
  • Don't have the time to devote to "extra" activities
  • Don't have any systems in place to make things run efficiently and stay consistent
  • Unsure how to train someone on their team to help (like a VA or junior team member)
  • Think PR opportunities will just "come to them" when they're established "enough"

Sound familiar?

Here's What Past Students Have Said


Before we go any further...I get it.

I've felt all of those frustrations and fears.

In 2015, I left the last PR agency I was at to become an entrepreneur. I had been working in Crisis Communications for several years, and I was burnt-out, unfulfilled, and I craved more freedom and flexibility in my life and work. I also knew I was meant for so much more.

I started doing social media marketing and PR consulting, while also working as a red carpet host and live-streaming podcast host in the entertainment industry. I started to get paid to be a spokesperson, media personality, and influencer, and continued to help people monetize their social media and elevate their visibility. During this time, I also "accidentally" built a fitness business, then a successful health and wellness network marketing biz, and also started doing fitness competitions.

Through all of that, I continued to get asked to help other entrepreneurs with PR strategy, influencer relations, and social media marketing (and I was being asked by mega-dream clients! Say whaaat?!). So I decided to FULLY lean in.

I decided to implement my own visibility strategy so I could get my message out.  I knew there were people like YOU doing epic things in the world. You deserve to make a huge impact, and I'm here to help you do that.

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An intentional PR strategy has resulted in...

  • 5-figure brand spokesperson deals where I was paid to be me (at a time when I had less than 15,000 social media followers!)
  • Thousands of dollars in paid brand partnerships
  • Print and media placements in top outlets like PopSugar and Entertainment Weekly for people just like you
  • Top podcast interviews 
  • TV appearances on outlets like E! and MTV 
  • Record sales on product launches for clients
  • Clients selling out events through influencer marketing and social sharing

Here's What Others Have Said About Working With Us

This could be you! Are you ready for results like these?!

Lori Harder

Speaker, Best-Selling Author, Host of the Top-Rated Podcast "Earn Your Happy," 10x Fitness Cover Model, Fitness World Champion


"My name is Lori Harder, and I am the author of the best-selling book "The Tribe Called Bliss", and the founder of The Bliss Project Event. And I have used Lauren's services for both of those things. When I was launching my book, I used her influencer marketing campaign to get the word out in a massive way, and it was not only helpful for getting the book out, but it was so helpful for me to keep my excitement up to see the buzz every single day of people really excited about the book, and sharing authentically about what the book was doing. So Lauren does an amazing job of matching up influencers with exactly what you're doing. So people who it feels really authentic for them to share your message, and I just get really excited every single time I would see an influencer come on and talk from a place of really having been impacted by the book, or getting really excited for the event to come up. And that was really huge for me to use it for my Bliss Project event recently, because I waited a little bit too long to get the word out there, and I needed some help. So this is my 8th year doing the Bliss Project, and this is the first year that I decided to use influencer marketing. And I called Lauren 'cause she did such a great job with my book, that I thought this would be absolutely amazing to help get the word out quicker about my event. So again, it was huge for not only getting the word out and for helping to bring tickets in, but also to keep my morale up to see how excited people were about this message. So I would highly recommend it if you have something coming up, that you know you need to get out in the world. Because really, the only way that things are really getting out there right now is word of mouth -- authentic word of mouth. And like I said, she does such an amazing job by finding people who authentically are aligned with your message. So I will definitely use her again."

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Angie Lee

Speaker, Entrepreneur, Host of Top-Rated Podcast "The Angie Lee Show," Co-Founder of Soul CBD

"Choosing to work with Lauren and implement influencer marketing was one of THE smartest thing I did to make my event "Pays To Be Brave" a massive success! I can’t imagine not having Lauren’s genius and expertise helping me to have 1,500 women in that room! It’s a weekend I will never forget. My first PTBB we didn’t do any influencer marketing and it definitely was much more stressful to fill the room. The power of influencer marketing is UNMATCHED when it comes to selling out live events. Seeing how successful influencer marketing was for my live event, I am now incorporating the same marketing plan for my book! Lauren is incredibly driven, organized, loyal and one of the most hardworking women I know! She was truly was such a critical part of making PTBB 2019 a huge success!"

Imagine if you were able to...

  • Move forward with clarity and confidence on who to pitch and how
  • Have a proven system for generating steady publicity so new leads effortlessly rolled in on an ongoing basis
  • Collaborate with influencers to spread the word about your business 
  • Execute an effective PR strategy using a few hours of your time each week
  • Efficiently and affordably outsource your PR activities to a virtual assistant or train a member on your team with confidence at the fraction of the cost to hire an agency or publicist
  • Have your own PR agency on retainer at a fraction of the cost (yes, as part of The PR Accelerator, you have the opportunity to get some specific PR activities done for you by myself and my team!)
BUY NOW ($1,497)

Welcome to The PR Accelerator

This is the quickest and most effective way to elevate your visibility as an entrepreneur. Increase your authority and influence so you can make even more of an impact while generating the income you deserve.

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Training Videos

Comprehensive video training library of 65+ training videos (that's at least 100 hours of trainings for you to devour) on various topics, like: Clarity, Mindset, Goal Setting, Telling Your Story, Live Video, PR 101, Pitching, Building Relationships, How To Follow-Up, and so much more.

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An extensive resource library to give you the best tools, templates, and systems to craft a customized approach that fits with your business, your goals, your strengths, and your ideal clients. Access to coaching call replays that will support you in getting the most out of this program. (All coaching calls are pre-recorded)

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Expert Connection

Virtual meet 'n greets, guest coaching, and Q&A calls with top podcast hosts, influencers, publication editors, journalists, reporters, and brand managers will help you gain clarity around exactly what they're looking for when it comes to guests, collaborations, and partnerships. (These are all pre-recorded)

Take a look at what's inside The PR Accelerator...

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Your Vision + Values

Your Ideal Client

Your Superpower + Niche

Your Unique Story 

Your Messaging + Positioning

Your Branding

Your Offers

Content Marketing

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Planning + Strategy

Developing Your Strategic Plan

Your Launch Calendar

Building Your Lists

Time-Blocking + Time Management

Your Pitch Page

How To Craft Pitches That Convert

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Pitching 101

Efficient + Effective Follow-Up

Social Media Campaign

Email Campaign

Visibility Through Collaboration 

How To Outsource (Team or VA)

How To Leverage Placements To Snowball Your Visibility

What included in the resource library?

Our resource library includes the following (and more!):

  • Video Trainings covering everything listed above with lifetime access to the entire training library, including any future additions
  • Strategic Frameworks for various PR efforts, including: podcasts, print media, online publications, influencer marketing, speaking engagements, guest coaching, regional and national TV, etc.
  • List Building Templates, plus access to an exclusive podcast list and online publication list
  • Strategic PR + Visibility Plan Template
  • PR Calendar Templates
  • Sample Pitches + Pitch Templates for various media outlets (podcasts, print, online, blogs, influencers, TV, etc.) and various outreach methods (email, direct message, etc.)
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Here's What Past Students Have Said


The PR Accelerator is for you if...

  • You've built a successful business, you're clear on who you help and how, and you're ready to get to the next level and really establish yourself as a go-to leader in your industry
  • You know that an effective PR strategy is missing from your current business growth plan, but you haven't figured out a system to do it consistently
  • You want to pitch yourself with confidence to your favorite podcasts, blogs, online publications, news outlets, and influencers
  • You want to land juicy interviews and media placements that will generate massive buzz for your brand, help you sell out events and launches, etc.
  • You want a clear plan of action for who and how to pitch, plus an effective and organized system for follow-up that doesn't take a ton of time
  • You don't want to waste a bunch of time and energy digging through all the free PR resources online 
  • You want to outsource your PR activities and train someone on your internal team or hire a VA to manage and execute your PR activities for you in-house
  • You don't yet have the budget to hire a PR agency or publicist to do your PR for you but you know it will help you scale

If this sounds like you, welcome to The PR Accelerator

You are up to big things in the world. You deserve to have more people know what you're doing. I'm here to help you be KNOWN. This is your ticket to an efficient and effective publicity strategy.

BUY NOW ($1,497)

Psst...Listen To This!

We would love to support your journey so you can experience the same results as these entrepreneurs and influencers!

Jera Foster-Fell

Content Creator, Influencer, Social Media Strategist


"I can't speak highly enough about Lauren – she is a master when it comes to PR and Marketing! I personally had the honor having Lauren come in to teach about pitching to my students in my social media course and she covered topics like how to get more media coverage, podcast interviews, brand partnerships, and influencer collabs. She taught all of these things in such a approachable and tangible way. My students leaned a ton, heck, even I learned a ton! Not only did Lauren teach these things, but she also instilled confidence in each of us so that we felt capable and also inspired to come up with a clear plan of action for our own PR. I can't recommend Lauren enough if you're looking for clarity on how to pitch you and your brand, if you're looking to create more buzz for yourself, and if you're looking to better understand the PR world."

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Eliza Shirazi

Creator and Founder of the award-winning kickboxing and music inspired fitness brand, Kick It By Eliza®

"Having Lauren coach the Kick It instructors on profitable pitching was one of the most valuable presentations I have ever offered them. In a world where it is easy to play into myths about marketing yourself and questioning your value, Lauren came in and debunked all of them. Her approachable and interactive presentation left the instructors with the confidence to step into their power and a realistic strategy on how to execute. Not to mention, I have never seen so many of the instructors step up to ask questions, proving how necessary Lauren's work is right now. I am so grateful that the Kick It team was able to learn from her!"

Frequently Asked Questions

BUY NOW ($1,497)

Here's What Past Students Have Said


Word On The Street Is...

Listen to what others have said about learning from us, working with us, and taking part in our trainings!

Samantha Kozuch

Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Social Media Expert


"My name is Samantha Kozuch. I'm a social media expert, online business coach, and I also co-founded a business mastermind. Now, I've known Lauren for quite a few years now, and I wanted to make this quick testimonial video because if you're considering working with her, I 100% highly recommend her. Go for it. Because over the years, not only has she helped me with my PR and pitching and just talking about how to really put myself out there as a business coach, but I recently had her come in to our mastermind to coach our students on how to pitch themselves, because I coach a lot of business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, and everything that she taught in that 60 minutes alone was absolutely mind-blowing. She is an amazing coach, and she always give implementable steps that hopes you take action immediately and she has the most incredible PR templates to help  you get on podcast, speaking engagement, even pitch to like companies to get product sponsorship and collaborations and stuff like that. So, I just want to make this quick video, because Lauren, I have so much gratitude towards you. Thank you so much for all your help with my business and with my students. You are absolutely amazing. So once again, if you're considering working with her, go for it. She knows what she's doing. She's in the space, and she knows exactly what's gonna get you seen out there in the industry today. So, thank you so much Lauren!"

If you've gotten this far, it's time to take action!

How long have you been feeling like you should prioritize your PR and visibility? You deserve to be seen. Your brand deserves to be known. There are people eager to work with you, but they don't know who you are yet. It's time to get visible and be recognized as the leader and expert that you are.

BUY NOW ($1,497)
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